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You are about to embark on an incredible journey of wonderment and excitement, daring & danger, passion and romance, and inquisitiveness & discovery. It is quite possible that you will be so overwelmed with emotions after your initial visit that you will be as giddy as a school child on Christmas morning.  Yet, you are not alone. I feel like that every day! I am – M.L. Zupan:  ‘The Most Interesting Web Designer in the World’.

You may be wondering why I claim this most prestigious title – well, it is simply because it is true! It is also because I believe that there isn’t a web designer in the world who has done the things that I have done (and live to tell the tale). But that is clearly a story for another day.

Now that you are here, you are welcome to gleen from me and pass on that information to your son’s and daughter’s, and share with the world the moment you were first introduced to ‘the Most Interesting Web Designer in the World‘.

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Amelia Five-O

In honor of my beloved sister, I created this compilation as a surprise for her birthday. Something only a younger brother would probably think of. Hope everyone enjoys.

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Tribute to Glenn Miller

This tribute to one of music’s great masters is produced by: M.L. Zupan – The Most Interesting Web Designer in the World.

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I’m a Ga-Zillionaire

I am pleased to announce that for about the tenth time so far this year I have won the Canadian Lottery just by being me. Yes, it is true. There must not be enough hard working and deserving people playing the Canadian Lottery that they have to choose someone outside their country and who has […]

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