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The world is a different place from just twenty years ago. Back then, a cell phone call was something you only got one of, and Amazon was a mighty river in South America. Now, the world is connected like it never has been before. The way people shop and do business has changed. Snail mail has been replaced by high-speed Internet access and mobile responsive websites. But, is your business in line to take advantage of the continually shifting river of an online world?

There has never been a successful website in the history of the Internet that hasn't first been marketed.

M.L. Zupan,
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Welcome, to my website.

I am in fact, 'the most interesting web designer in the world'. When you get a web design from me, expect strangers to stop you in the streets and shake your hand, invite you out to dinner parties, and buy you chocolates on your birthday.

You are about to embark on an incredible journey of wonderment and excitement, daring & danger, passion and romance, and inquisitiveness & discovery. It is quite possible that you will be so overwelmed with emotions after your initial visit that you will be as giddy as a school child on Christmas morning. Yet, you are not alone. I feel like that every day! I am - M.L. Zupan: 'The Most Interesting Web Designer in the World'.

You may be wondering why I claim this most prestigious title - well, it is simply because it is true! It is also because I believe that there isn't a web designer in the world who has done the things that I have done (and live to tell the tale). But that is clearly a story for another day.

Now that you are here, you are welcome to gleen from me and pass on that information to your son's and daughter's, and share with the world the moment you were first introduced to ‘the Most Interesting Web Designer in the World'.

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