I’m a Ga-Zillionaire

I am pleased to announce that for about the tenth time so far this year I have won the Canadian Lottery just by being me. Yes, it is true. There must not be enough hard working and deserving people playing the Canadian Lottery that they have to choose someone outside their country and who has never played it in his life to give all that money to. So, as you may have guessed it – they sent me an email telling me that I have won!



Don’t fall for this scam or any other scam that comes to you by email – especially if it has an attachment. Not only is it just waiting for an unsuspecting victim, it is waiting for you to click on the email and read it. More often than not, these emails are attached with tracking like elements that can verify your email once you click it open.  This is how they know that the address they sent it to is a legitimate email and then they can continue to send you more junk mail. Not only that – once they confirm your email, they can now add it to their email list that they accumulate and sell to other junk email companies.

The best measure is the preventative measure. DELETE! If you don’t know who it is from – delete it!


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